Around about this time we should have been out promoting the new Fez album Napoleon‘. The album features eleven songs based loosely around the twin themes of the ‘strongmen’, corrupt tyrants, and wannabe despots who are much in evidence in these times, and of the resistance to said agents of oppression. Unfortunately and ironically, the pandemic that these crooks and monsters have negligently allowed to take hold across the planet has knocked our record release plans awry.

That said, the album is recorded, final mixes and mastering is in hand and we’ve got some great artwork being produced. So although we can’t play any gigs or have a launch event or do any of the other cool stuff we planned, we are not going to let that stop us. Over the coming weeks we are going to start putting tracks from the album out into the world – we’ll post the first one, entitled ‘Little By Little’ very soon. Look out for it – we hope you will enjoy it. We can’t play live for you but we would like you to share this event with us. See you soon and until then keep safe and well.

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