Les Gillon is a singer, songwriter and guitarist who is best known as frontman of the alt-rock band Fez, but who throughout his long career has explored a whole range of musical territories, including experimental collaborations with dance and performance practitioners and longstanding work with folk trio Ghost School and improvisation collective Fire Tower 4.  

His latest venture, Les Gillon & The Agents of Karma takes his music into a whole new context, bringing together a group of outstanding musicians from the worlds of jazz, classical and folk music.  The result is a unique sound, sometimes intimate, sometimes cinematic, that defies categorisation and underpins the lyrical intensity of the songs, which delve into the personal and political realms with equal depth and insight.

Band Members:

Les Gillon: guitar, vocals

Netty Berry: guitar, vocal

Jen Rhiannon Trott: violin

Alex McCune: percussion, vocals

Julia Farrants: ‘cello

Dave Nelson: piano
, vocals