Fire Tower 4

Fire Tower 4 is a collective of improvising musicians from a variety of musical backgrounds, who work without preset material or structure producing music created in the moment and never to be repeated. With a sound that shifts and gently mutates over time, each FT4 gig evolves through the interaction between musicians in an act of instant composition, with influences drawn from kraut rock, minimalism, techno, psychedelia, hip-hop and jazz, no two Fire Tower 4 performances are the same. See upcoming gigs here

The band’s first album Day One (2020) is now available on the X-Periments in Sound label

A preview of ‘Industry’ from the forthcoming album Day One

This film by Richard Alexander captures a collaborative performance with Fire Tower 4, poet and dancer Izzy Brittain.  Also featuring Michael Bush (vocals), Sara Carter (dance).

Collaboration is a major part of the Fire Tower 4 ethos. We have worked with some amazing musicians, singers. poets dancers and visual artists, including Michael Bush, Izzy Brittain, Sara Carter, Stephen Schulman. Julia Farrants, Andy Greaves, Terry Logan and many others.

Performance at the Square Chapel Arts Centre Halifax featuring Izzy Brittain Wednesday 7 June 2017

Fire Tower 4 · Square Chapel Performance

Love Music Hate Racism Event Colne Municipal Hall