A truly original songwriter with a stunning band.
I went to see Alasdair Roberts at the Golden Lion in Todmorden  last night and it was a stunning performance.  When my old friend and well-informed folk fan Colin alerted me to the gig, I had to admit I to him that hadn’t actually heard of Alasdair Roberts.  His understanding response was this:
“I find these days that looking at folk music websites is like going into a real ale pub. Whereas twenty years ago you’d have known most of what was on offer, now you’re lucky if you know anything about one in eight of the names. (Add your own parallel about gallons of similar tasting, mediocre craft ale here.) Alisdair Roberts, though, would win a gold medal at any CAMRA festival.”
He was not wrong:  it was a great gig from a superb band, all great players but hard not to single out the extraordinary individual style of virtuoso drummer Alex Neilson.  All in all Gold Medal stuff beyond a doubt.  Bought the new album – I’m a now a fan.

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