On Wednesday we finished recording The Big Parade, the final track of the new Fez album. More about the album and other Fez related news after the festive season. But today I saw some polling figures that really struck me. It seems that there are big gender differences in the ratings of certain public figures. Put simply, men seem to like Boris Johnson and Donald Trump way way more than women do. Who would have guessed?

Anyway the relevance to the Fez recording is in the words of The Big Parade, whose chorus goes like this:

 And the drumming in the distance
  I'll be dancing in the kitchen 
 When I hear it 
 Singing in the bathroom 
 Singing all night and day 
 And when the women take over 
 I'll be hanging out the window 
 To cheer that big parade  

If I don’t see you before, have a great new year.

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